Music at True/False Film Festival
Jun 5, 2013 Jun 8, 2013

Folk to Folk traveled to True/False Film Festival, a documentary film festival in Columbia, Missouri, in February 2013. 

At 10 years, the festival has a reputation for being one of the most laid back and enjoyable out there. This could be because Columbia, with its college-town feel and Midwestern vibes, is a warm, welcoming, easily navigated place. Or it could be because the 800 volunteers and cooperation of the entire town makes everyone feel like they're old friends, coming home to see carefully curated films and art without the air of intense competition, like some bigger festivals out there.

But the music that floods the streets of Columbia throughout the festival adds another dimension to the True/False experience. In 2013, almost 40 bands came to Columbia as buskers and set up shop anywhere they could fit. They took the stage before films, on the streets, in bars and restaurants and coffee shops, in alley ways and hotels.

We were happy to be there, documenting the documentary festival. 

Music at True/False 2013

What's it like to be part of the music at True/False Film Festival?

Leola Lula & Amanda Rainey, co-directors of music at True/False
"We get to showcase these amazing bands... they get to play to 1,400 people, and they usually are used to playing on the street."
Yes Ma'am from New Orleans, Louisiana busk on the street at True/False Film Festival
Syna So Pro
"Even the people who are coming to see other forms of art... are dishing out whatever cash they have in their pockets for the musicians."
Rob Frye of Flux Bikes
"True False is really special... there's a real sense of community here."
Mountain Animation from New York City performs at Cafe Berlin during True False 2013
Dustin Hamman of Run on Sentence
"I think it's cool that the festival has a way of 'being' that everyone expects and gets... but they keep it fresh."
Paul Rucker
"They give us a lot of support... these little small details add up a lot."
La Operacion Jarocha from Mexico at T/F 2013

More videos:

We spoke on a panel about "DIY" alongside Thomas Sallings, representing the Hairhole, a space in town that was forced to close its doors soon after the festival. We took a guided walk through of the space and learned a bit about the community that made it an incubator for music and arts scene in Columbia for over four years.

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